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15¡¢200 PT Elbow Connector
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15kV 200A PT Elbow Connector is a fully-shielded and insulated plug-in termination for connecting underground cable to distribution power system of pad-mound transformer, surrounding power supply branch box, cable branch box equipped with loadbreak bushings. The elbow connector and bushing insert comprise the essential components of all loadbreak connections. It can mate with 200A Bushing Insert and 200A jack of T-II Connector, 200A Junction ,loadbreak bushing insert (loadbreak rotatable feedthru insert) ,apparatus bushing and 600A/200A bushing extender. It can operating switch of 200A loading current. The test point is used to connect Hot Voltage Indicator. The Loadbreak Elbows are molded using high quality sulfur-cured insulating and semi-conducting EPDM rubber.
The avaible conductor cross section is 35-50mm2 for 15kV cable. The conductive pole W/ARC extinguishes function.
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