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15¡¢25kV 200A Rotatable Feedthru Standoff Bushing
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200A Class Rotatable Feedthru Standoff Bushing is used in apparatus to bypass transformers£®to test and ground circuits£¬and to provide open point deadfront lightning arrester protection when used with the Arrester£®When mated with comparably rated products£¬the portable feedthru provides a fully shielded£®submersible£¬separable connection for loadbreak operation£®The body is molded of high quality peroxide cured EPDM insulation and has a molded on peroxide-cured semi-conductive EPDM shield£®The indicator ring, located on the circumference of the bushing'S collar£®eliminates the guesswork of loadbreak elbow installation on the bushing interface£®The bright yellow ring provides immediate feedback to determine if the elbow is properly installed on the bushing.
If the yellow ring is completely covered by the loadbreak elbow, it is fully¡°latched,¡± if the ring is visible£®the elbow can be installed correctly before any problems can occur£®

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