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15kV 200A Insulated Standoff Bushing
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The insulated standoff bushing is designed to be installed in the parking stand mounted on a transformer or other apparatus.It is used together with the cable accessories such as: elbow connector elbow surge arrester and the other 200A Loadbreak Accessories. A grounding lug is provided on the standoff bushing bracket for attachment of a drain wire to ensure deadfront construction. When mated with a comparably rated product, the insulated standoff bushing provides a fully-shielded, submersible, separable connector for energized operation.
The standard insulated standoff bushing has a stainless steel eyebolt with a brass pressure foot. The molded EPDM rubber body is bolted to a stainless steel base bracket using a galvanized steel holddown ring. A completely stainless steel bracket assembly is available for extremely corrosive environments.
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